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Question: My cat lives indoors only, does it really need vaccines?

Answer: Indoors-only cats have a low risk of coming into contact with infectious diseases. Some risk still exists with the possibility of escaping into the great outdoors (this will happen to most cats at least once in their lifetime), bringing new cats into the household, or even their owners coming into contact with other non-vaccinated/sick cats (at shelter, outside, friend's cat, etc). Core vaccines are still recommended for indoors-only cats because of how severe the diseases are, but it is totally up to you what level of risk you are willing to take with your pet's health.

Question: My pet is limping, should I buy a brace to put on it?

Answer: No! The best thing to do for a limping pet is to have your vet perform a physical exam and x-rays, and have the x-rays interpreted by an orthopedic surgeon and/or a veterinary radiologist to ensure your pet gets the correct diagnosis and treatment. Just like with humans, serious injuries often need surgery or other treatments, and not-so-serious injuries often need rest and anti-inflammatories prescribed by your veterinarian (human NSAIDS are not safe for your pet!). Again, just like with humans, an injury will likely not heal at all, let alone correctly, without appropriate rest. More specifically regarding the brace, many braces cause friction wounds that just add more suffering for your pet and more expense for you.

Question: How accurate are experts at guessing a mixed dog's breed?

Answer: Not very accurate, in fact, studies have shown that even dog experts have a slim chance of accurately guessing what breeds might make up a dog, as a variety of breeds can have a variety of traits.

Question: I just put a flea/tick topical on my pet, how long should I wait before bathing?

Answer: The typical standard is >48-72 hours, and it has been suggested not to use a dish detergent or medicated bath as that may affect efficacy, although I don't believe that has been clinically studied.

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